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  • to contribute to students' general education through their involvement in the process of scientific investigation and the acquisition of biological knowledge and understanding
  • to encourage in students an attitude of scientific enquiry, of curiosity and self-discovery through

(i) individual study and personal initiative
(ii) team work
(iii) class-directed work

  • to develop an understanding of biological facts and principles
  • to enhance an interest in and develop an appreciation of the nature and diversity of organisms
  • to create an awareness of the application of biological knowledge to modern society in personal, social, economic, environmental, industrial, agricultural, medical, waste management and other technological contexts
  • to develop in students an ability to make informed evaluations about contemporary biological issues.

To find out more on the Senior Cycle Biology curriculum click on the link below:

Senior cycle Biology

Biology teacher at Galway Community College is:

Ms. Jackson

Galway Community College,
Wellpark Rd,

 091 755464

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