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Design and Communication Graphics


  • to contribute to a balanced education, giving students a broad and challenging experience that will enable them to acquire a body of knowledge, understanding, cognitive and manipulative skills and competencies and so prepare them to be creative participants in a technological world
  • to enable students to integrate such knowledge and skills, together with qualities of co-operative enquiry and reflective thought, in developing solutions to technological problems, with due regard for issues of health and safety
  • to facilitate the development of a range of communication skills, which will encourage students to express their creativity in a practical and imaginative way, using a variety of forms: verbal, graphic, model, etc.
  • to provide a context in which students can explore and appreciate the impact of past, present and future technologies on the economy, society, and the environment
  • to develop the cognitive and practical skills associated with communication graphics, problem solving and critical thinking
  • to develop the capacity and ability of students in the area of visuo-spatial reasoning
  • to provide a learning environment where students can plan, organise and present appropriate design solutions using a variety of skills, techniques and media
  • to provide a basis for lifelong learning
  • to develop an appreciation for, and understanding of, aesthetic principles and their importance in design and the human environment.

To find out more information on the Senior Cycle Design Communication and Graphics curriculum click on the link below:

Senior Cycle Design Communication and Graphics

Design Communication and Graphics teachers at Galway Community College are:

Mr. Burke and Mr. Bane

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