Galway Community College

French Leaving Certificate


To foster in learners such communicative skills in the target language as will enable them to:

  • take a full part in classroom activities conducted in the target language;
  • participate in normal everyday transactions and interactions, both spoken and written, both at
    home and abroad;
  • extract information and derive enjoyment from the mass media and the more accessible Iîterature
    of the target language community;
  • consider as a realistic option the possibility of pursuing leisure activities, further study and/or
    career opportunities through the medium of the target language.
  • To give pupils a critical awareness of how meaning is organised and conveyed by the structures and
    vocabulary of the target language, and thus to contribute to their understanding of the workings of
    human language in general.
  • To help leamers develop strategies for effective language learning.
  • To equip leamers with a broad acquaintance with the cultural, social and political complexion of
    countries in which the target language is a normal medium of communication and thus to help raise
    their awareness of cultural, social and political diversity generally.

To find out more information on the senior cycle french curriculum click on the link bleow:

Senior cycle French

French teachers at Galway Community College are:

Ms. Healy and Ms. Flannery

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Wellpark Rd,

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