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Geography Leaving Certificate

Geography Leaving Certificate


  • To develop a knowledge and understanding of a selection of contrasting physical and human (social, economic, and cultural) environments and of the relationships that exist between them.
  • To promote an awareness of the spatial, structural, and temporal patterns of environmental phenomena, both physical and human, at a variety of scales, and to realise that these patterns can change with time.
  • To understand the opportunities for, and challenges of, global interdependence.
  • To promote the conservation and sustained management of the earth’s resources for the welfare and happiness of its inhabitants and for future generations.
  • To recognise, and be sensitive to other people and their culture, here in Ireland and elsewhere.
  • To develop a variety of geographical skills which can be applied to the world of work and to many other aspects of life.
  • To develop and promote active citizenship and to encourage informed participation, through lifelong learning, in society at local, national, European and global level.
  • To encourage the use of information and communication technologies in the teaching and learning of geography.
  • To assist students to become well-informed and responsible citizens and to enable them to progress to further studies or to enter the world of work.
  • To provide students, through their study of geography, with an interesting and enjoyable experience and imbue in them a lifelong love of their natural and cultural environment.

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Geography teachers at Galway Community College are:

Mr. Canny and Mr. Killilea

Galway Community College,
Wellpark Rd,

 091 755464

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