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History Leaving Certificate


Knowledge and understanding

  1. To develop knowledge and understanding of human activity in the past.
  2. To promote understanding of the present through the development of a historical perspective on issues of contemporary importance.
  3. To develop knowledge and understanding of Irish,European and world history.
  4. To develop students' understanding of historical concepts.
  5. To provide students with a perspective of change in a world of change.

Skills of history

  1. To develop an awareness of different interpretations of particular historical issues.
  2. To develop a range of research skills essential for the study of history.
  3. To develop an appreciation of the nature and variety of historical evidence.

Preparation for life and citizenship

  1. To develop the ability to think critically.
  2. To develop positive values associated with the study of history.
  3. To develop in students an appreciation of the society in which they live and of other societies, past and present.
  4. To develop in students an informed and critical awareness of their historical inheritance.

To find out more on the Senior Cycle History Curriculum click on the link below:

Senior Cycle History

History Teachers at Galway Community College are:

Mr. Cribbin, Ms. Davoren and Ms. Kelly

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