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Home Economics Leaving Certiifcate

Home Economics Leaving Certiifcate


  • provide continuity and progression from the aims and content of the Junior Certificate home economics programme
  • allow students, male and female, to acquire and develop the knowledge, understanding, skills, competence and attitudes necessary to contribute to a personal and family environment conducive to human development, health, leisure, security, and happiness
  • provide a suitable basis for the formation of post-school life, with the emphasis on future education, vocational training and employment needs; to include the particular needs of the food industry, clothing, textile and craft industries, tourism, and social and health services; and to develop an appreciation of the significance of their learning to the Irish economy and the European Union
  • develop an understanding of the physical, emotional, intellectual, economic and social needs of individuals or families and to encourage an appreciation of the diversity of socio economic and cultural influences on family life
  • encourage students to develop and apply the management skills necessary for the effective organisation and management of available resources to satisfy personal and family needs in a continuously changing economic, social and technological climate
  • develop an awareness of the interdependence of the individual or family and the environment and to promote a sense of responsibility to global issues
  • be sensitive to aspects of Irish and European cultures
  • nurture and develop a spirit of enterprise, inventiveness, aesthetic awareness, and creativity
  • encourage students to become discerning consumers, able to seek out and evaluate information and weigh evidence as a basis for making sound judgements and choices
  • develop an awareness of health and safety practices in activities related to home economics
  • develop personal qualities: perseverance, self-confidence, co-operativeness, team spirit, adaptability, and flexibility.

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Senior Cycle Home Economics

Home Economics teacher at Galway Community College is:

Ms. Leyden

Galway Community College,
Wellpark Rd,

 091 755464

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