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Transition Year

The Transition Year Programme is a unique one year programme that promotes the personal, social, vocational and educational development of students and prepares them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society (Transition Year Guidelines, 1994, Department of Education). TY provides a bridge to enable students to make the transition from the more dependent type of learning associated with Junior Cycle to the more independent learning environment associated with Senior Cycle. It encourages the development of a wide range of transferable critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

Transition Year at Galway Community College is a one year optional programme offered to Third Year Students.

  • Transition Year students study the core subjects of English, Irish and Maths.
  • Transition Year students sample many subjects for Leaving Certificate such as:
  • Business, Engineering, Design Communication and Graphics, Art, Construction, History Geography, French and Science.

Other programmes and subjects offered to Transition Year Students are Health and Safety, Road Safety, Company Programme, Budgeting and Finance, Religion, Physical Education and Social Studies.

Students take part in a number of out of class activities supporting local charities, visiting local businesses and two weeks of work experience.

Parents are involved from options night, parent teacher meetings, work experience evaluations through to the TY graduation at the end of the school year.