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After School Study

Galway Community College provides opportunities for after-school study commencing from the second week of the school year right up to the beginning of the state exams. It is a great benefit to students at all levels, guaranteeing that they develop good attitudes and good habits with regard to their homework. We therefore recommend it to all students.

We also recommend that where possible a student should commit to the maximum number of days being four days a week Monday to Thursday. It is of great help to students in exam years that homework is completed early in the evening to allow for extra study time.

Study commences ten minutes after school finishes and runs for two hours each evening. Unlike many other schools there is no charge for evening study. This is done to allow study to be accessible to all our students. A snack is provided before study commences to enable students to gain the most out of their study and again this is free of charge.

Students work only in the designated room provided and are supervised at all times. Students are expected to study, in silence and on their own during after-school study. Students should not interrupt the work of others. Therefore, they should arrive on time and have all their necessary books with them. They are also expected to arrive properly dressed in full school attire. All students should leave at the designated departure time.

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