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The School Chaplain is a faith presence in the school community who is available to students, parents and staff members alike. The Chaplain works closely with school management, year heads, class tutors, and classroom teachers to promote a harmonious school environment for the well-being of all its members.

The motto of Galway Community College Chaplain is:
Lig do sholas go soiléir, is féidir le daoineeileambealachamach as an dorchadas.

The Chaplain endeavours to accompany young people on their journey through life, and encourages them to let their light shine brightly.

The role of the School Chaplain is wide and varied, and can involve teaching religious education, meeting students on an individual basis, organising liturgies and prayers, and participating in activities which relate to the well-being and development of the school community. This role enables the development of relationships of trust with students, staff and parents.

The Chaplain responds to the spiritual and religious needs of the students and the whole school community, while respecting the religious and personal convictions of all. The School Chaplain contributes to formal school occasions, such as, Parent/Teacher meeting and school prayer Services. The organisation of guest speakers and charity fundraising work are an integral aspect of the role.

One of a School Chaplain's key duties is to provide pastoral care. All of us need some kind of non-judgmental, understanding support: someone to listen actively and offer comfort, someone to provide assurance and encouragement that help is available. This role can involve counselling students suffering from emotional trauma, offering advice to pupils facing difficult decisions, leading groups that deal with issues such as bereavement or co-ordinating peer mentoring services.

Supporting the school community may also mean referring individuals to outside support agencies, such as mental health, addiction or medical professionals, where necessary.

The Chaplain provides an open door where students, as well as other members of the school community, can receive support in a safe and confidential manner. The School Chaplain is someone with whom students and their families can talk.

Should you wish to contact Adrian our Chaplain you can do so by calling 091755464 or by email


If this is not a place where tears are understood,
Where do I go to cry?
If this is not a place where my spirits can take wing,
Where do I go to fly?
If this is not a place where my questions can be asked,
Where do I go to seek?
If this is not a place where my feelings can be heard,
Where do I go to speak?
If this is not a place where you’ll accept me as I am,
Where can I go to be?
If this is not a place where I can try to learn and grow,
Where can I be just me?

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