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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

EAL (English as an Additional Language) in Galway Community College

Tuition in EAL is provided to students whose native language is not English. This teaching takes place in a small group or in a classroom setting.

The goal for our EAL classes is to ensure that students become proficient in English so that they can fulfil their academic potential in the Irish school system.

At Galway Community College, we strive to ensure that EAL students feel welcome and that their culture, identity and educational needs are respected and catered for.

We foster a cross curricular approach to EAL learning and expect that students use dictionaries and key word notebooks through the school day and at home.

EAL students are tested twice yearly to determine their levels of proficiency of English as per Department. of Education and Skills EAL assessment.

It is essential that students progress their level of English through online learning at home and avail of our library resources.

Each subject teacher works to ensure that the EAL students have access to online and printed content to develop their understanding of the subject.

We have a strong pastoral approach to our EAL students and we have regular meetings with students individually and with their parents/guardians to ensure that they feel part of our school fabric.

If you have any queries about the EAL support in our college feel free to contact us at any stage.

Here are some websites we recommend to EAL students to support their learning of English:


BBC Learning English

Learning English

The following Apps may also help to support students when learning english:


BBC Learning English

British Council Learning English

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