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Health Promotion

Health Promotion

Galway Community College, has become the first DEIS school in Co. Galway to be presented with the Healthy Ireland ‘Health Promoting Schools’ Flag’.

The Healthy Ireland Health Promoting Schools (Health Promoting Schools) Flag was presented by the HSE to the school as an acknowledgement of all their work in improving the health of their school community. To achieve this accolade, schools follow a process whereby the whole school community (parents, staff and students) are consulted to identify priority health areas. Schools are guided to address their priority area under the following evidence based categories: environment (social and physical) curriculum, policies and partnerships.

European research has shown many benefits of the Health Promoting Schools whole school approach to health. Chief among these benefits are;

* Improved lifestyle behaviours

* Increased self-esteem

* Safer and cleaner school environments

* Lowered incidences of bullying

* A positive approach to health issues

* Increased parent involvement

* Improved student/teacher relationships.

Over a period of 2 years, the school developed an action plan to address the health areas identified. The school's, Health Promoting Schools Coordinator, Claire Quinn along with the school principal, Brian Melia, lead the Health Promoting Schools team to plan, co-ordinate and deliver the work. The main focus and theme of the work included the promotion of ‘Healthy Eating’.

“The health and well-being of our schools is of key significance at this time more than ever” said the principal, Brian Melia while Claire Quinn noted, that “The health of our children is a priority and a health promoting school promotes the health of all those linked with the school including school staff, parents and the wider school community.

Paul Gillen, Health Promotion Officer added that Galway Community School “has been working on the Health Promoting Schools programme in conjunction with the HSE Health Promotion & Improvement Department for the past 2 years. We are delighted that they have become the first DEIS school in county Galway to receive their flag and the Health Promoting Schools Celebration Day is a fitting recognition of these achievements.”

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