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School Completion Programme (SCP)

Galway City East School Completion Programme (GCESCP)

The School Completion Programme (School Completion Programme) is aDepartment of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) and Dept. Of Education and Skills (DES) Programmethat aims to have a positive impact on improving pupil’s attendance and retention in both primary and secondary school. One of the aims of School Completion Programme is to make school a more enjoyable experience for the students so they will complete their Senior Cycle.

Galway City East School Completion Programme was set up in 2002 and works with both primary and secondary school students. The Programme employs four staff which is made up of three Project Workers and a Local Coordinator and is funded by Tusla, Child and Family Agency.Galway City East School Completion Programme work in six primary schools and one Secondary school - Galway Community College (GCC).

The School Completion Programme put supports in place to help students participate and stay in school. Supports include in school, after school and holiday time activities, which are designed to make school a more positive and attractive environment.

School Completion Programme are part of the Educational Welfare Services, under Tusla, and work alongside the Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) and Home School Community Liaison Coordinator (HSCL) to advise and support families in relation to attendance concerns.

We meet students in Galway Community College on a one to one basis or as part of a small group. The School Completion Programme have an office in the school where students can drop in when needed.

The School Completion Programme provide the following in Galway Community College:

  • Individual support, both educational and emotional, for young people experiencing difficulties at school.
  • Group work,focusing on Social Skills and Self-Esteem.
  • Behavioural Support Programmes.
  • We have a weekly lunch club for students that we hold in conjunction with staff from Foroige.
  • Summer Activity Programmes for students linking in with our Programme.
  • Ongoing monitoring of attendance and supporting students and parents with attendance concerns.
  • Transfer Programme from primary school.
  • Induction Programme for all first-year students to assist them with settling into secondary school.
  • Peer Support Programmes.
  • Catch Up Tuition.
  • Exam Support.

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